Saturday, 23 October 2010

Giant Cameras.

Built by photographer Chris McCaw. Apparently, he got his start in DIY photography equipment for financial reasons- he sold his expensive large format camera to pay rent, and figured out how to build a replacement for $150. Since then, he's been building larger and larger cameras, such as the 30x40" version shown above. From the Photo-Eye Blog:
"Building my own camera was a really liberating process as a photographer. Sometimes you get into that rut of having big dreams of owning high-end camera gear. The reality is that if you use your imagination and a practical sense of what you want to accomplish, you can do most anything. I feel confident that I can pretty much make any camera I need (I'm currently up to 30x40" mounted on a garden wagon). I also just made one on the base of a wheelchair to hold a 125 lb aerial camera lens!
The wheelchair camera (my friends call it 'the sad robot') was just built last month. So far it is only an 8x10" camera, but it has a 600mm f/3.5 lens that projects an image about 16x20". I was told the lens came off a U2 spy plane -- it is a beast. I use a car jack to raise and lower the lens. I even needed to get a handicap ramp to get it into the van! ".


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