Sunday, 24 October 2010

*Jaws Of Death* Fisherman Reels In Elusive But Fierce Man-Eating Goliath Tigerfish (VIDEO)

Mr Wade, from Bath, Somerset, took extra care when reeling in this specimen which weighed more than 100lbs and was 5ft long.

Luckily he is an experienced angler and caught the fish for the TV show River Monsters, which is due to be screened on ITV next month.

The show looks into mythical reports from around the world of humans being attacked by unknown monsters from the deep before Mr Wade sets out to find and catch the suspect.

"This fish is no tench," said Mr Wade.

"It is, for all intents and purposes, a giant piranha. It is quite a beast.

"The teeth on it are incredibly sharp and are about the same length as a great white shark.

"It also has an extremely powerful bite and has been known to consume prey the same size as itself, attack people and take pieces out of crocodiles.

"It is thought that these fish attack in a reflex response to a sudden movement or splash.

"It is very rare to catch one, especially by an outsider because they are found in such a remote and difficult location to get to. There are no guides or lodges on that part of the Congo River."
Mr Wade used a sizable catfish as bait for the tigerfish - Hydrocynus goliath in Latin - and a 200lbs rod and line.


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