Monday, 10 January 2011

Amy Is Back & Getting Crazy Paid. Singer Pocketing $6 Million Dollars To Perform 5 Shows In Brazil. This After Banking $1.2 Mil For Show In Russia.

UK singer Amy Winehouse just performed the 1st of 5 scheduled shows in the South American country, where she is being paid more than $6 million dollars according to the UK Sun.

"Amy will be rolling in it. Brazil is keen to establish itself as a major player in live music and is attracting a host of top stars," a source tells the publication. "A lot of money is being thrown around to secure their services and it's working."

Winehouse hasn't released an album since 2006's 'Back to Black.' A disc that won her 5 Grammys and has sold 10 million copies worldwide.

It's a testament to her tremendous talent that she's still being paid big paper to perform live.

The singer was reportedly paid $1.2 million to play a show in Russia just before Christmas, and has big money gigs lined up in Dubai as part of Gulf Bike Week.

Amy's performance last night at the Il Divino venue in Florianopolis was part of Brazil's Summer Soul Festival.

Next she plays two headlining shows at the Arena HSBC in Rio De Janeiro Rio, followed by gigs in Recife and Sao Paulo.

Hopefully all these shows mean we'll be getting Amy's much delayed third solo album. It's rumored to be coming out later this year.

Source: Cameo


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