Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mother Interviewed On 'Today Show' To Discuss Writing A Book Titled ''My Princess Boy'' Based On Her Own 5-Year Old Son Who Loves Wearing Dresses???

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His mother Cheryl told Meredith Viera that she wasn’t always okay with Dyson’s desire to wear dresses, but had a change of heart after his older brother asked her, “Why can’t you just let it be happy?” She realized then that her concern was really “an adult issue” and something she needed to get over, which is why she wrote the book.
And the response, she says, has been overwhelmingly positive.
Dyson’s father added: “It’s not contagious,” he told the show. “He’s just like any other kid. He plays checkers, he plays in the trees. He just likes to do it in a dress. Big deal.”
Dyson, for his part, seems to have a wonderfully supported sense of self. When other kids or people make fun of the way he dresses, his mom says he tells them, “If you don’t like me in a dress or in pink, then you’re not my friend.”
And when asked why he wears what he wears, little Dyson responded, “Because it makes me feel happy.” And who can say no to that?


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