Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bank Robbery Fail: Thief Caught & Sat On By Old Man, Then Clowned By Customers "You Was Running In Slow Motion, Say Please & He'll Let You Go" [VIDEO]

37 year old, Thomas Bayse attempted to rob a Commerce Bank. He got out of the bank with the money, but was run down and tackled by 59 year old Doug Lesar.

That's when the clowning began.

While Lesar held Bayse down, onlookers started filming and cracking jokes.

"You should have been running fast man, you was running in slow motion," joked one bank customer. "You're trying to rob the bank like you're the Taliban or somebody, Taliban already got money."

Lesar, a 27 year military veteran held Bayse down for four minutes until police arrived.

During the interim, the jokes kept coming.

"Say please and he'll let you go," said a customer. "Please let me go!" the bank robber cried.


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