Sunday, 5 September 2010

Kanye Finally Apologizes To Taylor!

Man I love Twitter… I've always been at the mercy of the press but no more… The media tried to demonize me. They wanted yall to believe I was a monster in real life so you guys wouldn't listen or buy my music anymore. I feel like they were waiting for the opportunity to go in all the way on me and when it came they beat me to a pulp. Even now a lot of articles start there first 2 paragraphs about how much of an asshole I am. Some people's truth is Kanye is racist… It's not my truth but I do believe it's my Karma…. walk with me…

Even though the NBC telethon was widely praised yall didn't think they was just gone let me get away with that did yall???!!! With the help of strong will, a lack of impathy, a lil alcohol and extremely distasteful & bad timing … I became George Bush over night.

How deep is the scar… I bled hard.. cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world … closed the doors of my clothing office. Had to let employees go… for the first time I felt the impact of my brash actions … I felt the recession from an ownership side.

People booed when I would go to concerts and the performer mentioned my name. There are people who don't dislike me… they absolutely hate me!

If you google Asshole my face may very well pop up 2 pages into the search…

I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her. She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She's justa lil girl with dreams like the rest of us. She deserves the apology more than anyone. We're both artist and the media and managers are trying to get between us. Everyone wants to capitalize off this is some way…

With new found humility … who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down. It is distasteful to cut people off as a general rule. What's the point of dressing tastefully if I'm going to act the complete opposite?
Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child.

When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE … I take the responsibility for my actions. Beyonce didn't need that. MTV didn't need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely didn't want or need that.

MTV? JAY LENO? BEYONCE? ALL FORMS OF MEDIA? TAYLOR? KANYE WEST? Who gained? Who lost? Why was it made into such a race issue. Taylor loves rap music… I love country music.

It starts with this…

I'm sorry Taylor.




  1. Awwww hes sooo the fuckin man!! well really wateva he duz in my eyes hes the MAN... Personally I thought the Swiff stunt was bludy funny and I loved him evn more jus hated wat it tunred into... Boo Hoo haters hes bak an stonger thn ever roll on Novermer!!