Monday, 27 September 2010

Giant Giant Gumball-Machine!

This giant gumball machine from hammacher for $3,900. It is a 7' tall gumball machine that holds over 14,000 gumballs.
"It uses the Beaver mechanism--the classic zinc machined coin mechanism used in gumball machines since the 1960s--triple chrome-plated and precisely machined to provide decades of iconic "click-clack" sound when dispensing. Requiring no coins for operation, the mechanism and dispenser are 49" high, allowing chewers of all ages to retrieve gumballs. Solidly constructed with a sturdy 42" diameter fiberglass base, the 42' diameter acrylic globe is fitted with a spherical insert that keeps all 14,450 of the included multi-flavored 1" gumballs pressed outward and visible to expectant children and passers-by alike".


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